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Vishenki village, Naberejna str., 29
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Свой дом, чистый воздух, инфраструктура Киева

WISH residences
Life in the style of SPA

Choose a comfortable, safe and environmental life for yourself and your family at the country resort
About a cottage village "Cherry Place LLC"
Since 2006, we have been creating comfort, safety for life and convenient infrastructure in the ecologically clean area of the Vishenki village. At the same time, we are an investor, a developer, a sales department, a maintenance and security company. For a long time working in the premium suburban real estate market, we find an individual approach to our customers, consider all the nuances and offer optimal solutions.
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WISH Residences is a unique offer on the suburban real estate market, which combines all the advantages of living in a private house outside the city, in a comfortable, safe environment with developed infrastructure, and permanent vacation in the WISH AQUA RESORT with an unlimited range of services.
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Vishenki village - only advantages
  • 01 Miracle water in your house
    Imagine that high-quality drinking water flows from the taps of your new WISH residence from a depth of 250 meters. The water of such a layer (Jurassic aquifer, 146-200 million years) is reliably isolated from surface pollution, is artesian, mineral and table natural water. Soon after the constant use of such water, you will feel its beneficial effect on your well-being.
  • 02 Comfortable country life thought out to the smallest detail
    We carefully made sure that your life in the country was as comfortable as possible: centralized water supply and sewerage, uninterrupted power supply, maintenance company that deals with garbage collection, keeps parks, embankments, sidewalks, roads and leave you only pleasant emotions from living outside the city.
  • 03 Perfect location
    Ecologically clean, picturesque area of the Vishenki village, Borispil district, surrounded by natural lakes and meadows, 9 km to Kyiv, 15 km to the Borispil international airport (KBP). In walking distance there are parks, promenades, sports fields, tennis courts, football fields, restaurants, a private kindergarten and elementary school, grocery stores, a yacht club.
  • 04 Life in the resort
    WISH Residences are part of WISH AQUA RESORT - a country resort with a hotel and a premium sports complex. 5 pools, SPA, fitness and gyms, 3 restaurants, a kids club and much more are open to our residents. When you purchase WISH residences, you get club cards for one year for you and your family as a gift
  • 05 Safety
    Last but not least on our list of key benefits. Our 24/7 security service takes care of the calmness of our residents: stationary guard posts, patrolling the territory, entry by passes, modern video surveillance systems, automatic control of car license plates, remote burglar alarm
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  • 01 Design features
    There is a system of monolithic frames at the base of each. They bind the construction vertically and horizontally and serve for its cruelty. It provides high durability of the house, allows to free up its internal space and gives s a wide choice of planning decisions. 100/125 ceramic brick is used for building. The wall thickness is 54.5 cm and includes: 1.5 bricks (38 cm) + insulation (8 cm) + air layer (2 cm) + facing brick (6.5 cm).
  • 02 Ecological materials of facades
    The classic-style house facade is made using only natural stone and brick. The feature of the modern facade is the combination of monumental style with and elegant decor, which includes the geometry and clarity of the overall composition.
  • 03 Landscape Compositions
    WISH residence land area allows you to embody any fantasy and to decorate your home area as you like: surround the house with well-kept lawns, flower beds, or even create your own park with garden sculptures and fountains.
Information about the village

A cottage is a modern comfortable accommodation located in a cottage village.

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